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Commercial Ziplines

Zipline Course and Canopy Tour Builders

Our designs not only meet industry standards - they are built with common sense to save you money on build and replacement costs. We ensure the utmost in safety, fun and thrills providing you the most $$$ to your bottom line.
Best prices on All your replacement harness, trolley, and cable needs.
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Need more Revenue?
Imagine having a ZipLine Adventure Course professionally designed & installed at your location that attracted 10,000 - 30,000 paying customers every year..
While the price per rider varies based on many factors the average price for a Zipline Park is $69.00 -$119.00 each; plus the additional associated purchases of food, pictures, videos, and other souvenirs.  Some Courses are getting in excess of 300 people on their busy days at well over $100.00 spent per person. (Thats over $30,000.00 revenue in 1 day!!!) 
A study conducted in 2009 of 84 ZipLine and/or Challenge Courses in the United States and Canada (most of them in business less than 3 years, many in their very first season of business) showed a paid attendance of 1.8 million customers. Thats over 21,000 paying customers in one season!  (Many of these Courses have only about an 8 month season of operation due to weather considerations).
While ZipLines have been around for quite some time, they were usually only found as a small part of a High Ropes Challenge Course at specialty Camps. It is currently estimated that there are only about 100 ZipLine Adventure Parks in the USA (most under 3 years old), while there are a couple thousand Courses in Europe.  So, we are just in the Toddler stage of this fast growing phenomenon and there is plenty of room for growth for several years to come.
If you have access to land and a basic infrastructure is already in place, for an average investment of just $500,000 you can expect to see a return of $1-3 Million Dollars a year in increased revenue. (To build a Full ZipLine Adventure Course, the price typically ranges from about $400,000 to well over $1,000,000 depending on many various factors. Single ZipLines or small Adventure Parks can be set-up for much less, but also draw less revenue). We at times offer revenue sharing options that make us an increased partner in your success, reducing your upfront investment by 25-30%.
If you are serious about learning more, we are excited to offer the professional experience and dedication to make your project an overwhelming success, even in this economy.
Once we review your criteria, we can schedule a free phone consultation that usually lasts 30-60 minutes. Depending on the scope of the project and how motivated you are, it typically takes about 3-12 months from initial concept to installation of your ZipLine Adventure Course that will have your cash register ringing.
Because of the amount of time and dedication each project takes, we only engage in a very select few at a time.  We want you to be assured that you have our full attention on your project.
If you feel a Zipline Adventure Course may be a fit for you and would like more information, please take a few moments to answer a few questions so that we can better assist you. We will then schedule a free phone consultation that meets your schedule.
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